The WCC Weekly Roundup

Sorry it has been the “not so weekly” roundup. Things got a bit busy but will try get this going again…

The Image Story

The Image Story is a website that tries to dig a little bit deeper than the image itself. Here they not only showcase beautiful photography but they explore the story and process behind the image. The focus is not the technical details but details such as: What inspired the image? What preparation was needed? What were the decisions behind the composition, etc, etc.


This one is one for all the ‘gear heads’ out there… Shotkit is a website that explores the gear in the bags of professional photographers. Not only you get to see what’s inside their bags but the photographers give a short explanation of their gear and how they use it.

Fundamentals of Photography

If you’ve just joined the club and you new to photography, check out this free photography course offered by TutsPlus. This video course takes new users trough their DSLR and teaches the basics of exposure, focus, shooting modes, white balance, and much more! Check it out right here.

The WCC Weekly Roundup

Compliments of the season to everyone! Trust you had a nice break and are starting to get back into the swing of things. So let’s keep learning and improving.

Photography Cheat Sheets

2014-01-06 20_11_53-Photography Cheat Sheets To Save You Time and Frustration - The Photo Argus
Check out this very cool list of Photography Cheat sheets collected by “The Photo Argus“. Everything from manual exposure guides, to night photography guides, to flash guides. All in a nice printable sheet.

5 Tips for shooting Macro

2013-11-17 14_28_26-Pocket _ 5 Tips for Shooting Macro Photography with Rick Lieder
In this video from Tamron, Rick Lieder shares some tips from his years of experience shooting macro photography.
You can also go see some of his stunning  work on 500px, or his website.

Beginners Guide to Waterfall Photography

Waterfalls can make some incredible photo opportunities. But if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that its not as easy as it looks. In this Guide, DPS covers the Equipment choices, Camera Settings, Detail Shots, Composition and Field Techniques. A good read for every skill level in my opinion.

2013 – Some Highlights

Ushaka Sea World – Feb 2013
Total Rally – March 2013
Shaun and Roxy Wedding – March 2013
Jeffreys Bay – March 2013
Sydney, Australia – April 2013
Seal Point Lighthouse (from our Eastern Cape holiday) – June 2013
Lesotho via Sani Pass – July 2013
Port Edward – August 2013
Benji – September 2013
Working in Mossel Bay – October 2013
Working in Cape Town – November 2013
Warner Beach horse riding – November 2013
4×4 trip to ‘Toti Waterfall’ – November 2013
Macro Photography – December 2013
Umfolozi White Rhino – December 2013